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Diamond measures for 4c


Jewellers refer to the "4cs of diamonds" - cut, clarity, colour and carat.

How does 4c measure up?


The way a diamond is cut shows off its brilliance. 

4c can be "cut" to match the way you want to work.  Over 200 elements can be switched on or off in virtually any combination, so that your 4c application contains just the features you want to use.  The implementation consultancy service ensures that your system is configured to meet your needs exactly.


Clarity measures the extent to which a diamond is free from flaws.

Although no software product is ever entirely "bug free", we pride ourselves on our testing procedures to ensure that your 4c software does not "crash" or produce errors.  And if you should find a problem, we can normally fix it within a day or so.


Generally, the less colour the diamond has, the more expensive it is.  However, diamonds come in a wide range of different colours and so rare colours are also highly priced.

In software, colour is used to enhance the user interface and to help make things clearer.  4c allows each user to choose their own colour scheme, including backgrounds and alternate gridlines.


The weight of a diamond is measured in carats.

4c, with its wide range of facilities, all based on a sound database foundation, could be described as a "weighty" software product.  Other software may look pretty - but does it have any weight behind it to ensure that it not only meets your current needs, but can grow with you as your needs change and develop?

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