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Sub-Contracts and Materials


Among the additional costs associated with projects are those relating to sub-contracts and materials. 4c allows you to forecast and manage these costs, with the ability to recharge the costs to customers (with optional markups), where applicable.


  • Enter budget details of sub-contract costs (and recoverable charges where applicable).

  • Costs may be profiled over time.

  • Costs may be broken down between Capital and Revenue.

  • Book actual costs against each sub-contract.

  • Automated bookings of recurring costs.

  • Link to Supplier database.

  • Can be associated with project tasks and purchase orders.


  • Enter budget details of material costs/charges (where applicable) based on number of units and standard or specified unit cost.

  • Costs may be profiled.

  • Capital/Revenue breakdown.

  • Link to Materials and Supplier databases.

  • Automated bookings of recurring costs.

  • Can be associated with project tasks and purchase orders.

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Sub-contracts; materials

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