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Have you seen our new website signup facility which gives you access to all our demos and downloads?

We've also created a new set of demos which show many of the latest features of 4c - sign up today!


New demos available

with new website signup facility


9th Edition of Dennis Lock's "Project Management" is available. 

The text has been completely restructured and largely rewritten for this new edition, which comes in different versions for students and tutors.

Pages 484 to 490 illustrate how 4c Templates can be used.

4c and Windows 7™

All versions of 4c from 3.5 upwards need no modification to run effectively in Windows 7™.  Once you've upgraded, just start 4c in the usual way.

4c helped the Great Central Railway get Britain’s last steam locomotive back on track - read how in our "Oliver Cromwell" Case Study.

Go Global lets you use all of 4c's functionality via your web browser.  Tests have shown that, using this product, 4c runs almost as fast as in a client-server environment - far faster than a completely web-based solution ever could.  If you'd like more details, just contact us.

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