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4c Project Planner & Estimator


4c includes a wealth of software tools for estimating, planning and scheduling your project.

You can add tasks directly to the Gantt Chart or Precedence Network, and draw in dependencies (links).  On the Gantt Chart, define durations by dragging the edges of the bars, and schedule a task by dragging the bar to the required date.

Critical Path Analysis highlights the tasks which will need close monitoring if the project is to run on schedule. 

  • Use Templates of tasks, with their dependencies and standard resources (skills) already allocated, to rapidly build the initial project - ideal if you use Prince2 or another project management methodology.

You can then change the dependencies, and amend the resource allocations to fit the requirements.

  • Once the plan has been refined and agreed, freeze it (baseline it).  From then on, variations to the plan can be easily identified.  (You can freeze the project as often as you want.)

On the gantt chart you can show the baselined schedules to see by how much time tasks and milestones may be slipping, as well as how much float non-critical tasks have:

gantt chart, barchart,critical path,milestones,project baseline,float

Now use the project management facilities of 4c to monitor your project.

(Of course, if you've already built your plans in Microsoft® Project, you can import the project data into 4c - and export it back again.)

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