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Business Process Mapping


One of the problems with introducing new software is helping inexperienced or infrequent users find their way around the system.  And if you're using a standard methodology such as PRINCE2, you'll want to make sure that they follow the procedures and complete all the steps laid down.  That's where 4c comes in.

You can create project lifecycles or "process maps" which lead people through the procedure.  Where 4c is used to complete a step, the user can go straight to the correct area without having to remember which menu option to choose or which button to click on.

Click here to see an example of a process map.

If you use 4c's Document Management facilities, the correct documents can be created (with data picked up from the 4c project details) and updated directly from the process map.

Emails to selected distribution lists can be sent directly from the process map.

You can set up your own hints and tips against the activities shown on the map, to provide instant help to the user.

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