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Unlike many project management software applications, if you want to see the overall portfolio or programme of work, with 4c you don't have to transfer the data to another application - all the project data "rolls up" to the programme level - completely automatically.  So you can always look at the overall picture and be sure that it's up to date. 

You can sub-divide the portfolio into programmes and sub-programmes - as many levels as you want.  Projects are summarised at each level.  A project can belong to more than one programme (although one programme will be its main parent).  Summary RAG traffic lights are shown for all programmes, as well as for individual projects.  Drill down into a selected project to see where the problems lie.

Programme project breakdown - RAG traffic lights, deadlines

Programme project breakdown - RAG traffic lights, projects

Programme project breakdown - summary barchart (gantt chart)

But it doesn't stop there.  One of 4c's most powerful features is the ability to define Virtual Programmes: choose any project fields, in any order, and see your portfolio broken down by the data in those fields.

Using 4c's Programme Breakdown tools you can:

  • view programme gantt charts (barcharts), project cost histograms, or resource histograms, for projects within a selected programme (standard or virtual) or all the projects in the portfolio;

  • display spreadsheets of programme data which can be viewed directly in Excel®;

  • view project cost and charge graphs;

  • produce summary reports.

You can also review resource allocation histograms, or cost histograms, for all the projects in a programme (standard or virtual), or for all the projects in the portfolio.

programme project gantt chart, resource histogram

Want to know more about the whys and hows of portfolio management?  See our page on Project Evaluation and Prioritisation

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