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4c Project Management Software


4c provides all the tools you need to help manage your projects - and more!

Once your project is under way, you can monitor progress against plan by reviewing the "RAG traffic lights" shown at all levels from the individual tasks, through the products and stages (activities and phases) right up to the whole project.

Project Breakdown: phase, activity and task RAG traffic lights

Key tasks and milestones can have deadline dates assigned to them, for detailed monitoring of progress.

Tasks are updated from the hours booked on the integrated timesheet software by the people working on the project.  So you get timely information on tasks which are going off track, taking longer than expected  You can even set the system up to allow people to estimate their progress on each task which feeds into revised schedules based on this information. (Timesheet data can also be used to review Resource Utilisation.)

Where tasks have had time booked to them, their progress is shown in blue on the gantt chart bars:

Project progress,gantt chart,barchart,critical path,milestones,float

Following critical path analysis of the plan, the gantt chart also highlights the Critical Path (in yellow).

At all times, 4c calculates the likely outturn hours and forecast costs based on progress to date, as well as earned value and performance indicators.

Task Detail screen display showing task ahead of schedule; earned values/performance

Task Detail screen display showing task behind schedule; earned values/performance

4c can also produce s-curves for hours and costs.

All this information is automatically updated to the overall portfolio/programme level as well - so you can compare projects with each other.

If you're charging customers, once the hours have been booked, the associated charges are available for invoicing.  These facilities are part of the the 4c PSA (Professional Services Automation) application.

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