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4c Portfolio Manager

- Evaluating and Prioritising Projects


OR - doing the right things before doing things right

Demands for projects usually exceed the resources available - not just money, but key skills or people.

How do you evaluate the possible projects and prioritise them, to ensure that the projects that go ahead are aligned to the overall business strategy?

You may have decided that balancing all the possible factors that need to be considered, and arriving at a prioritised list of projects, is just too complicated.  Or maybe, having investigated a software solution, you've found that many of the tools available are difficult to use and costly to implement.

4c can make this aspect of portfolio management easier.

  • Evaluate every project using your own defined sets of criteria, to arrive at an overall score.

  • Produce simple sorted lists of projects in score order.

  • Compare projects on bubble charts, using selected criteria.

Project evaluation and prioritisation; Project Portfolio Management (PPM); bubble charts

Click here to view a full Bubble Chart.

Click here to view a Prioritised Project List.

Click here to see a Portfolio Breakdown with traffic lights indicating programme and project evaluation scores.

Click here to view the on-line Demonstration.

You have complete control over the evaluation criteria you define, the scores and weightings applied -  even the "traffic light" colours used.

Certain evaluation criteria may become less or more important as the project moves through its lifecycle: therefore you can set the scores and weightings to vary over time.  Some criteria may not apply at all stages, so these can be hidden until needed.

If you sign up, you can also download a PDF File showing more screenshots (136KB), and get our overview of 4c Project Portfolio Manager.

Are you struggling with defining your criteria and the questions to ask?  Sign up for a PDF library of suggestions

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Want to know more about the whys and hows of portfolio management?

The Evaluation Centre website, Project Management and PSA Software section includes (on its Strategy tab) a number of articles on the subject.  Other articles are also available via the Conspectus website.

"What is Project Portfolio Management?", an article on the Project Smart website.

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Project evaluation criteria, project prioritisation, Project Portfolio Management (PPM)