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4c Resource Manager

4c helps organisations find out what's going on in their business.


4c offers a number of software tools to help with capacity planning, resource scheduling, and the allocation of ALL your resources - not just skills and staff, but non-human resources such as machines:

  • automatic Resource Aggregation across all projects

  • Gantt Charts and Histograms showing the allocation of resources across the whole organisation

  • Resource Allocation and Assignment facilities - match available staff to the required skills on tasks

  • Capacity Planning Spreadsheets

  • Resource Utilisation Pie Charts and reports

Details of the skills available in the organisation, and who has those skills, are maintained in the system, as well as details of non-human resources.  Information held includes:

  • levels or attributes of a person's skills

  • standard cost and charge rates for skills and staff (there's more information on costing and charging on the Project Costing, Billing and Invoicing page)

  • for machines, associated skill requirements

  • periods of absence or unavailability

The resource allocation system lets you allocate skills to project tasks at the estimating stage, and replace them with the actual people later, or assign people from the outset. You can use either method for any task.


Charts and Graphs

Bottlenecks and resource overloads are easily identified on Resource Histograms; Gantt Charts showing skill, staff or machine allocations and assignments for the whole organisation; selected Departments, Teams or Sections; or individual resources can also be displayed:

Spreadsheets can display available vs allocated hours for skills and/or staff: overloads are shown in red, full utilisations in black, and spare capacity in green:

Click here to display a resource histogram.

Click here to display a resource utilisation pie chart.



Create your own customised reports with the easy-to-use Resource List facility:

  • select the resources you want to include using selection criteria ("filters");

  • choose the information to be shown;

  • set the sort order.

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