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Training and Documentation


Training is provided as part of the Implementation Consultancy service, but even after your system is "live" you may need further training.  Perhaps you have new staff, or you are introducing new facilities or a new way of using the existing ones.

We'll carry out a review of training needs, and recommend what training should be done and how it should be conducted.

There are essentially two options:

  • "one-to-one" training (for up to 2 people)

  • classroom training (for up to 8 people - or more if you have a fully-equipped training facility)

Whichever method is used, full training documentation is provided: this covers how to use 4c to carry out organisation-specific procedures and processes.

Apart from traditional User Guides, 4c has a comprehensive context-sensitive Help system. 

Click here for some examples. 

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4c Services: Training and Documentation