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4c helps organisations find out what's going on in their business.

What 4c can offer you


Project evaluation criteria, project prioritisation, Project Portfolio Management (PPM), prioritization, prioritizing projects, project scores, optimising business strategy, bubble charts

Project Portfolio Management Software

Project management, project scheduling, project planning, estimating, gantt charts, barcharts, network plots, critical path analysis, PERT charts, resource histograms, resource scheduling, resource allocation, resource management, project tasks, project baseline, project freezing

Project Planning Software

Critical Path Analysis Software

4c for project management: professional services automation, progress monitoring, estimating progress, timesheets, project costing, billing, invoicing, programme management, portfolio management, project tasks, forecasting costs

Project Management Software

4c for scheduling resources, managing resources: resource scheduling, resource management, project tasks management, resource aggregation, resource allocation, resource histograms, resource overloads, project skills, standard costs, project costing, billing, invoicing

Resource Management Software

4c for time collection: timesheets, collecting time, time tracking, web timesheets, project management, non-project activities, activities, task progress, progress estimating, absences, planned absences, expenses, disbursements

Time and Expense Collection Software

4c for programme management and portfolio management: project management, PSA, project scheduling, estimating, project evaluation, project prioritisation, resource allocation histograms, resource scheduling, resource management, gantt charts, barcharts

Project Programme Management Software

4c for business process mapping: project management, project management methodology, PRINCE 2, project lifecycle, document management

Business Process Mapping Software

4c for risk logging and issues logging: risk log, issues log, risk register, probability, impact, severity measurement, project evaluation

Risks and Issues Logging Software

4c for document management: documents, spreadsheets, project management, version control, templates, timesheets

Document Management Software

All this - and unique configurability features:

  • Choose just the facilities you want, using 4c's components.

  • Use familiar terms in the system, by changing the terminology used.

  • Decide which menu options are available, and who's allowed to use them.

We're always adding new facilities - check our News page for details or

contact us to find out how we can support your specific requirement - get a "bespoke" solution for a fraction of the cost of standard bespoke software development!


What will it cost me?

All this functionality doesn't come with a huge price-tag.  Apart from our competitive licence fees, 4c is fully configurable by non-technical users, so you don't need expensive consultancy to get started, or to make changes to your system later.

Click here for information on the minimum requirements for running 4c.

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